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​The modern home – connected or disconnected?

Blog post   •   Sep 20, 2015 21:10 BST

On 26 November, elephant communications will be hosting a market research event in central London that will explore changing media habits in the modern home.

The mobile and social media revolution has changed the way British consumers gather, digest and share information on the go. It has also created major changes in the way people follow news and current affairs.

After a busy day at work, commuting, on the school run or on campus - what happens in the family home? Do people follow the same media at home as they do when they are out about? How do different family members gather information in different ways? Who shares with who and who are the influencers? What are media habits like in different rooms of the house - and how do these habits change during the day and differ between the weekday and the weekend?

At the London session next month, the elephant team will share findings of its new market research on these and other topics.

Fitting for the topic of the study, the session will be held in a London house, with talks on specific topics held in different rooms of the house. A number of guest speakers will joining the session to share insights and contribute to the debate.

For more information or to book a ticket for the event, contact the elephant team at