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Take an elephant home this summer

Blog post   •   May 05, 2014 14:10 BST

A special projects team at elephant communications has spent the last few weeks working with intu and Elephant Parade, preparing the groundwork for final chapter of their ground-breaking national tour:  the auction of the elephant art pieces.

After 13 months travelling around the UK, the time has come to find homes for the fine art Elephant Parade creations. Today an online auction goes live, which will run until 26 July. People can visit to place a bid, make a pledge or simply express support for the project. There is also a ‘buy now’ option for people that would like to secure their chosen design and take it out of the auction. 

The auction platform is built for mobile phones but can also be easily accessed by tablet or computer.

The intu Elephant Parade UK tour has been a first in so many ways, with a mission to raise lasting awareness of the future of the Asian elephant. More than 8,000 people have submitted design ideas, 75 schools have created half-sized elephants that have joined the tour, a digital show reel has taken the art online and many people have taken part in live painting workshops with our tour artists. The exposition has justifiably been referred to many times as ‘the people’s parade,’ having connected directly with around 30 million people. 

Tour hosts intu will present the proceeds from the auction to The Asian Elephant Foundation at the end of the tour this July.