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New media insight report from elephant
New media insight report from elephant

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​News consumption 2020: Business leaders emerge as the new super consumers

For many years there has been a presumed wall between B2C and B2B communications, PR practitioners targeting mass media for consumer brands – and with business decision makers the automatic assumption is that the media choices are trade and business-specific.

This assumption is understandable but new elephant research conducted since lockdown has raised questions how far this assumption actually goes. A new study comparing the media choices for consumer samples and business leaders suggests the business leaders are the biggest daily consumers of mainstream national media and are as active as consumer audiences with mobile channels. The weighting between national to trade media significantly swings in the direction of national media.

As with consumers, topic choices have got a lot more serious over the last year, with Brexit, Covid-19 issues and economic outlook all featuring as top issues to follow and react to. The elephant research also suggests decision makers need to be understood as consumers and not just by their job. Around 50% of the topics they want to read about relate to their family life, interests and hobbies.

One major difference to consumers – whilst the UK general public expressed a hunger for more social media threads and news that was positive and offered a degree of escapism, the key driver for business leaders was the accurately and authenticity of data and trends.

elephant will be running some open house Zoom sessions on the new research later this month. To register interest, contact us through the website,



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