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Monthly treats keep people inspired

Blog post   •   Jul 01, 2012 11:18 BST

Around two thirds of adults still enjoy monthly treats, set against the economic slowdown and pressure on the household budget, according preliminary findings from our new edition of Austerity Britain, out later this month.

The elephant communications study will look at how people have coped with domestic bills over the year, have juggled priorities and their approaches to keeping the family finances afloat.

Whilst budgeting strategies varied between cutting back, saving and borrowing more, the research also reveals that despite the economic pressures, most people still ensured they could enjoy a few luxuries each month - from rock concerts, fresh flowers to a good bottle of wine.

The study will also explore people’s attitudes to holidays, how much people save for them and whether they are seen to be a luxury or an important part of family life.

The report will be out on 16 July and the elephant team will be booking free sessions with in-house teams in August for those that would like a review of the report’s highlights.