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M25 Factor at play in shaping diverging UK media habits

Blog post   •   Aug 22, 2016 19:29 BST

The replacement of ‘old media’ by ‘new media’ might be an over-simplification, according to new elephant communications research.

The rolling research programme, which explores consumer news and information gathering habits, as well as broader attitudes to news and media, suggests that on many levels the media habits of people in London when following news and current affairs is quite different from other parts of the country. In the weeks following the EU Referendum, where London emerged at odds with large parts of England, a similar picture has emerged when it comes to consumer media habits in general.

The new research spread over four reports this month points to a major impact for mobile media as a key daily source of news information. The research suggests that this upturn has not come at the expense of newspapers, but other forms of online news. The study also looks at the relative importance of TV news and various forms of radio media as well as magazines, blogs and social networks.

There are signs too that the consumer mood had shifted more towards uplifting stories since 2014, although the data suggests authenticity is key for many in the material they look to follow.

The elephant team will be running sessions on the new research for clients and friends of the firm in early September before publishing a report at the end of the month.