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Goldsmiths students arrive for experience day at elephant

Blog post   •   Mar 18, 2014 15:42 GMT

Last Friday we invited postgraduate students from Goldsmiths to our offices for an agency experience day. The session followed one of the university talks that we gave earlier in the year.

We structured the day to give the students an authentic snapshot of agency life. We created a hypothetical brief and split the students into two teams. They had a number of preparatory exercises to complete and the day concluded with each team delivering a presentation on their plan.

The students enjoyed the day and have shared some thoughts on their experience day at elephant.

“Taking a trip to the colourful, elephant-filled barn that is home to elephant communications was an exciting experience for us. After painting our 'elephant in the room' we had the chance to experience what it is like to work in an agency.

“As Masters students specialising in promotional media, we had the opportunity to transform theories into real-life tactics and see how they could be used in a real campaign. It was great to be able to participate in the workplace culture, and to see an agency at work. We all immediately felt as though we had become part of the team.

“Hanging out with Guy, Karen and Harriet we learned what it takes to make a great team: they value and focus on each other's strengths and work together to harmonise any weaknesses. It was a dynamic way to spend a day outside of the lecture room, to learn more about the field of communication and to stimulate our desire to work in promotional media.”