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Brexit research shows positivity for the future

Blog post   •   Jun 25, 2021 11:43 BST

At a time when the country, indeed to world, has united to tackle the human, health and economic impact of the Covid pandemic, Brexit has – for many – been put to one side. But its impact on a range of sectors, from performing arts and small businesses, has gained more attention in recent months.

Over the last 12-months, we have commissioned a number of pieces of market research to explore how consumers and business think about Brexit 18 months after the UK left the EU and six months after the rules governing the new relationship between the UK and EU took effect.

Despite growing fatigue with Brexit as a news story for many people, the research found optimism over the UK’s prospects, with almost two thirds of Britons believing in Britain’s ability to prosper and achieve in the next ten years - whether this be in regards to the economy, sporting achievements or climate change. The research also acknowledged great pride in UK offerings to the world, ranging from medical breakthroughs, enterprise and the creative prowess of the UK arts and music community.

A series of reports on the key findings over time will be available later this summer.